The price of light

We never receive any aquisition without paying 
the correspondent price for it. 

Simple facts of material life routine vividly 
illustrate such a point. 

Why should we expect to obtain understanding 
advantages without the required labour? 

Virtue cannot be hung on the sanctuary of conscience, 
as an ornament on a wall. 

It is necessary to renew our minds and purify our hearts. 
We shall not acquire the patrimonies of immortality, 
while heaping thoughts of the mortal scope. 

We cannot renew ourselves in Christ, 
persisting in the old fantasy traps of the transitory sphere. 

In order to highten our own lives, 
it is adamant to outwear many emotions, 
trim uncountable personality rough edges, 
readjust concepts and sistematically fight illusion.


Medium: Francisco Cāndido Xavier
Produced and distributed by: Spiritist Group "Os Mensageiros"
P.O.Box 522 - Zip Code 01059-970 - S.Paulo - SP - Free of charge