The little dog

Looking through the attractive window of a pet shop a little boy asks the  price of the puppies for sale.

"Between 30 and 50 dollars" says the owner of the pet shop.

The boy checks the money he has on him and says " I only have US$2,37 but I  would like to see the puppies. May I ? "

The owner of the shop smiles and calls LADY who comes quickly followed by  five little hairy balls.

One of them was behind and it was limping clearly.

Immediately the little boy pointed to that puppy and asked "Whatís wrong with  it? "

The owner of the shop explained that a vet had examined the little puppy and  discovered that it had a problem in the hip joint .The poor puppy would  always limp.

The boy got excited and said " Thatís the one I want ! "

The owner said "Come on , you donít really want this puppy."

The boy replied "Yes I do."

The owner then said "If you really want this puppy I can give it to you as a  gift."

The boy got angry and looking into the manís eyes he said "I donít want you  to give it to me. This puppy is worth the same as the other ones and I will  pay every cent for it. 

Iíll give you US$ 2,37 now and every month Iíll pay you US$0,50 until itís  paid off."

The owner of the shop contested "You canít be serious about buying this  puppy!!

It will never be able to run and play with you like the other puppies do."

Then the little boy bent down and pulled up one leg of his pants. 

The man noticed that the little boy had a problem in his leg.

The boy looked into the manís eyes and said "I canít run fast either and  this little puppy needs an owner who can understand that. " 

Unknown Author

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