Each person is unique

Each person that comes our way is unique because each person is a different  one and canít be replaced.

Each person that comes our way comes alone but doesnít go away alone or leave  us alone.

This person always takes a little bit of us. There are the ones who take more  than others but they always take something.

There are the ones who leave a lot behind and others who leave less but they  always leave something.

The fact that we know that each person who comes our way doesnít come by  coincidence is the most wonderful commitment in our lives.

Love and happiness are the basic elements to make and keep friends. 
They are also the basic elements for our mental peace.

Show love and happiness whenever you can and you will feel peace inside your  heart.

Happiness isnít in material things. You have to feel it inside your heart.

Try to find it inside yourself because happiness is GOD and GOD is inside you.

Saint Exupery

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