Maybe I don't have many friends.

But the ones I have are the best there could be.

Besides I'm lucky because the friends I have share their many friends with me.

Therefore the number of friends I have keep growing since I always meet  friends of my friends.

That's how it has been , some friends I met long time ago , others more  recently.

And the friends who share their friends with me don't lose that friend  because friendship can always be shared without diminishing or losing  intensity.

On the contrary ... when shared it gets stronger.

There are advantages in a friendship ... it's one of the few things that are 
free , valuable but can't be sold.

It's necessary to take a little care of our friendships. The most recent ones, for instance, need some care. Little , it's true , but essential.

At the beginning it's necessary to keep our friendships warm , to talk to our  new friends with care.

As time goes by , the friendships get stronger and can handle some defaults.

The old and solid friendships don't demand much. They are like bulbs - when  well-planted they can live on very little care. They can't be forgotten  though.

Something is needed to keep them alive.

I appreciate the friendships I have and there is always room in my heart for 

I don't miss the chance , whenever possible , to share a friend with another 
friend the same way that some friends have done with me.

And good-byes are useless .... Nobody gets rid of a friend easily. 

Friendship is contagious and totally incurable .

Unknown Author

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