Interview with God

"Come in." said God , "you want to interview me , donít you?"

"Well" ... I said ... "if You have some time for me."

He smiles behind his beard and says "My time is the eternity and itís enough  for any thing.

What do you want to know?"

"Nothing too difficult for God. I want to know what you find funny in the  human beings."

God answered ... 

"They get tired of being children , they are in a hurry to grow up and then  they wish they could be children again.

They risk their health to make money and then they spend that same money to  regain their health.

They think so anxiously about the future that they forget the present and  therefore they donít enjoy the present nor the future.

They live as if they are going to die and they die as if they had never  lived."

Unknown author

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