How to make a person happy 365 days of the year

Give a person a kiss. A hug. Take a step towards this person.

Get close without embarrassment.

Give a little bit of love, tenderness.

Sit beside this person and stay ... for a little time or a long time.

While giving yourself donít worry about the time.

Learn to disguise superficiality.

Dream the dream and believe in it.

Let the smile come.

Let it flow.

Tear the prejudice off.

Look into peopleís eyes.

Show a fault but do it nicely.

Respect a tear.

Listen to one or more stories attentively.

Write a letter and send it.

Irradiate simplicity, friendliness and energy.

Donít wait until people ask you . Do a favor.

Remember something nice.

Talk seriously. Make small talk. Tell a joke. Laugh.

Help someone solve a problem.

Ask ... Why? How are you? How have you been? What have you been doing?

Whatís up? And pay attention to the answers.

Suggest doing something pleasant.

Recommend a good book, a nice song or even an interesting tv program.

Say, sometimes, "Excuse me , Iím sorry , Thank you , It doesnít matter , 

What can we do?, Everything is going to be all right , Give it a try , Donít give up."

And donít be surprised if the happiest person is YOURSELF.

Unknown Author

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