The Judgement

In the Middle Ages there was an old legend of a very religious man who was  unfairly condemned for the murder of a woman.

In fact the real murderer was an important person in the kingdom who tried to  find someone else to take his place. And so he did.

The man was taken to a popular jury and was found guilty. 

His punishment was to be hanged. 

The man knew since the beginning that his chances of escaping death were very remote.

The judge , who was also paid to condemn the poor man to death , simulated a  trial asking the accused man to prove his innocence. 

The judge said " Iím a very religious person therefore Iíll leave your fate in your own hands. 

Iíll write INNOCENT on a sheet of paper and GUILTY on another one. Iíll fold them  and you will pick one of them. 

Whatever is written on the sheet of paper you pick will be your verdict. 

You will set your own fate."

Taking the advantage of the fact that nobody could see , the judge wrote down  GUILTY on both sheets of paper leaving no chances for the poor man to save  his life.

There was no way out for the poor man. No alternative.

The judge put both folded sheets of paper on the table and asked the poor man  to pick one of them.

The poor man thought for a few seconds. He could feel that something was  wrong. Suddenly he felt confident again. He approached the table , picked one  sheet , put it inside his mouth and swallowed it.

The people watching him were very surprised and shocked at his unexpected  attitude.

"What have you done ? Are you crazy ? And now? How can we know the verdict? "

"Itís easy" the poor man said "Check the other sheet of paper - the verdict  is the opposite of what is written there."

The man was immediately released.


Never lose faith even when things look really bad.

There is always a solution for every problem.

Never give up - donít feel defeated.

Fight against everything and everyone.

Believe in yourself .... You can get what you want. 

Unknown Author

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