Kleber and his job

Kleber is a serious , responsible and dedicated employee who has been at the  same company for 20 years.

One day he goes to his bossís office to make a complaint - "Dear Boss ,  Iíve been working here for the last 20 years and Iíve given my best but I  feel you havenít been fair with me. Juca has been working here for only 3  years and he earns more than me."

The boss pretended he didnít listen to what Kleber was saying and added "Iím  glad you came here. I have a problem and you are the only person who can  solve it. 

I want to serve fruit for dessert today. There is a market near  here. 

Could you please go there and check if they have pineapple ?" 

Kleber didnít understand anything but he did what he was asked to do. 

Five minutes later Kleber was back.

The boss asked "So, do they have pineapple?" 

Kleber answered "Yes , they do."

"And how much does it cost ?" the boss asked.

Kleber replied "I didnít ask."

"Is there any other fruit that could replace the pineapple ?" the boss  wondered.

"I donít know." said Kleber.

"Ok , Kleber, sit over there and wait a little bit." the boss suggested.

Then the boss picked up the phone and asked Juca to come to his office.

He asked Juca to do the same thing he had asked Kleber to do.

Eight minutes later Juca was back.

"And then?" asked the boss.

Juca said " Yes , they have pineapple. They have enough pineapple for all the employees but if you prefer they also have orange, banana , melon and papaya. 

The pineapple costs $1,50 each. One kilo of papaya or banana cost $1,00.

The melon is $1,20 each and a hundred oranges already peeled cost $20,00. I told  them that we would buy a large quantity so they will give us a discount of  15%. 

I came back to confirm exactly what you want. Iíll go back there and  get whatever you prefer - just tell me what it is."

The boss thanked him and asked him to leave the office and go back to work.

Looking at Kleber who was seated beside him the boss said "What did you want  to talk to me about?"

Kleber replied "Nothing important. Forget it. Excuse me , boss." 

And Kleber left the room.

Unknown Author

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