Love Chain

He almost didnít notice the lady with the car stopped on the side of the road.

But he suddenly realized that she needed help. He then stopped his car and  approached her. Her car smelled of fresh paint. It was brand new. 

Even though he had a smile on his face she was apprehensive.

Nobody had stopped to help her in the last hour. "What did he want? She  wasnít sure she could trust his intentions. He seemed to be poor and hungry.

He noticed that she was afraid and said "Iím here to help you , maíam. Why  donít you wait inside the car? Itís warmer in there. By the way , my name is  Bryan."

All the matter was a flat tire but for the poor lady it was a big thing. 

Bryan lowered his body , got the jack in the right place and soon he was  changing the tire. He got a little dirty and hurt one of his hands while  doing it. The lady rolled down the window and started talking to him while he  was working. She told him she was from Saint Louis and was just passing by. 

She said she didnít know how to thank him for his kindness.

Bryan only smiled.

She asked him how much she owned him. Whatever the price she would pay. Money  wasnít a problem for her. She was really thankful to him.

Imagine what could have happened to her if he hadnít helped.

Bryan wasnít thinking about money. That wasnít a job for him. He liked to  help people whenever he could and God had already helped him a lot. That was  the way he lived and he had never thought of living differently.

He said "If you really want to pay me , make sure you help a person in need  the next time you run into one and think of me."

He waited until she left and then he too drove away in the darkness.

It had been a cold and depressive day but while driving home he felt good.

Some miles down the road the lady found a little restaurant. She stopped the  car , went inside and ordered something to eat. The restaurant was filthy.  

The whole situation was weird for her.

The waitress approached and brought her a towel so that she could dry her wet  hair.

She was very kind and had a beautiful and sweet smile which was difficult to  expect from a person who had worked on her feet all day long. 

The lady noticed that the waitress was about eight months pregnant. Even with  the extra weight she was still very kind. She didnít let the pain and  discomfort change her attitude. 

The lady was curious to know how a person with so little in life could be so  nice to a stranger. And then she remembered Bryan.

After finishing her meal and while the waitress was getting her change the  lady left.

She was gone when the waitress arrived with the change of her US$100,00 bill. 

The waitress was still wondering where the woman was when she saw something  written on a napkin over the table. There were four US$100,00 bills under the  napkin.

The waitress read the message with tears in her eyes. It said "You donít have  to give me any change back. I have more than enough money. 

Someone helped me  once and now Iím helping you. If you want to do something for me , donít let  this chain end in you."

Well , there were tables to clean, recipients to be filled up and orders to  be taken.

That night when the waitress went home and lay down she started thinking  about what the woman wrote down and about the money. How could she know that  they needed money ? 

Their situation was really bad specially now with the arrival of the baby.  

She turned , looked at her dedicated husband who was sleeping beside her and  gave him a sweet kiss.

She murmured "Everything is going to be all right , Bryan , I love you." 

Unknown Author

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