Once upon a time there was a writer who lived in a fishermanís village on a  quiet beach.

Every morning he would walk down the beach to get some inspiration and in the  afternoon heíd stay at home and write.

One day while walking down the beach he saw a figure that seemed to be  dancing.

When he got closer he noticed that it was a young man who was taking starfish  from the sand and throwing them back into the ocean.

"Why are you doing this?" asked the writer.

"Donít you see?" said the young man "the tide is low and the sun is shining. 

The starfish will dry out and die if they remain here."

The writer was surprised. "My dear friend , there are hundred thousand miles of beach throughout this planet and hundred thousand starfish spread on them. 

What difference does it make if you throw a couple of them back in? The majority will die anyway."

The young man picked a starfish, threw it back into the ocean and said ... 

"To this one I made the difference." 

That afternoon the writer wasnít able to write. In fact he wasnít even able to sleep that night.

The following morning he went down the beach, found the young boy and helped  him save some more starfish.

So, letís be the one who wants to save the world ...

Letís be the one who makes the difference.

Unknown Author

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